Enterprise GCC Design

Transformation demands an organizational structure and processes that integrates roles, skills and capabilities to ensure the resilience of Global Capability Centers, regardless of whether the organization chooses to buy, borrow, enhance or build.

Global Workforce Design

GCC organizations have consistently been a cornerstone of global workforce strategy by integrating internal talent as a primary approach to service delivery. Yet, truly robust GCC organizations need to leverage a diverse array of resources—employees, outsourcing partners, gig workers, and crowdsourcing. We support clients in creating opportunities with inventive workforce with the GCC being a critical part of the overall strategy

Setup a foundation for Talent

With crucial expertise in change management, program management, digitization, and global operations, GCC organizations are increasingly becoming key nurturers of transformative talent. We help clients devise strategies to tap into this potential effectively.

Improve GCC and Global ecosystems

Starting a GCC may be simple, but developing the perfect interaction between the GCC and the global network of talent and processes is essential for unleashing the power of digital technologies. We use our expertise and scenario tools to help you build the most efficient organization.

Engage with experts and insiders

It is essential to possess deep expertise in the GCC, but utilizing comprehensive institutional knowledge is fundamental for unlocking its transformative capacity. We help clients achieve the right mix of experienced professionals and insiders who understand the organization’s intricate dynamics, fostering enduring change.

Cultivate Key Skills

The value of GCCs extends beyond the quick or cost-effective acquisition of resources; it involves mastering new working practices such as improving customer relationships, understanding risks, and optimizing processes. We assess the vital skills that boost the effectiveness of GCCs.

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