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Enterprises require a robust organizational framework that integrates roles, skills, and capabilities to optimize Global Capability Centers, ensuring efficiency and adaptability throughout their lifecycle—from inception and transformation to divestiture. Access to GCC-specific expertise is essential for achieving strategic goals, maintaining transparency, and fostering trust at every phase.


In the critical build phase of Global Capability Centers (GCCs), organizations encounter challenges such as securing top-tier leadership talent, designing effective organizational structures, and managing budget constraints. These challenges are compounded by fragmented recruitment strategies, which can hinder the formation of cohesive and high-performing teams. Our firm addresses these issues head-on by conducting an in-depth evaluation of the entire transition process from your enterprise to the GCC. We pinpoint key areas requiring attention—particularly in leadership roles, structural alignment, and reporting mechanisms—and develop tailored strategic solutions. Our approach focuses on streamlined recruitment and precise organizational design, ensuring your GCC not only launches successfully but also achieves sustained operational excellence within budget.

Transition Phase

During the transition phase to a Global Capability Center (GCC), organizations often face challenges such as inadequate transition plans, insufficient support from existing providers, and weak governance from headquarters. These issues can disrupt the smooth transfer of responsibilities, whether shifting from other providers or through collaboration. Our firm specializes in overcoming these obstacles by fostering a collaborative environment among the headquarters, the GCC, and external providers. We implement well-structured processes and establish clear metrics to ensure a smooth and effective transition. This strategic approach not only facilitates a seamless shift of responsibilities but also enhances governance and support structures, leading to a successful operational takeover and sustained efficiency in the GCC’s ongoing activities.

Scale & Grow Phase

As Global Capability Centers (GCCs) scale and grow, they frequently face challenges such as maintaining productivity, defining appropriate metrics to measure their value, and ensuring effective leverage by various enterprise stakeholders. Additionally, there's a risk of GCCs becoming isolated clusters of small teams, rather than evolving into centers of comprehensive expertise. Our firm addresses these challenges by guiding our clients through targeted actions based on meticulous evaluations of teams, capabilities, workflows, and the value they provide. This strategic approach ensures that as GCCs expand, they maintain high productivity levels, establish clear and effective metrics, and enhance integration with the broader enterprise, thereby solidifying their role as vital hubs of capability and expertise.

Mature Phase

As Global Capability Centers (GCCs) mature, they are equipped with specific strategic goals and the necessary skills and personnel to achieve these objectives. However, many GCCs struggle to consistently deliver value due to challenges related to talent retention, empowerment of teams, alignment with strategic intent, and effective leadership. Our firm supports our clients by conducting a comprehensive and structured evaluation of the GCC, collaborating closely with both Enterprise and GCC leadership. This evaluation leads to a set of actionable recommendations that are designed to reinvigorate the GCC, transforming it into a dynamic hub of value creation. This process not only aligns the GCC more closely with strategic goals but also enhances its role as a critical driver of organizational success.

Divestiture Phase

When divesting a Global Capability Center (GCC) to third-party providers, managing the transition effectively is crucial to mitigate risks and ensure operational continuity. Our firm specializes in supporting enterprises through this complex process by identifying potential risks and formulating robust strategies to address them. Our comprehensive approach includes conducting detailed risk assessments, developing meticulous transition plans, and establishing robust governance frameworks. This methodical strategy ensures a seamless handover of responsibilities, aligns the interests of all parties involved, and safeguards your strategic objectives during and after the transition. This support allows your organization to maintain focus on core operations while ensuring the divestiture enhances overall strategic value.

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